1968. ONE YEAR

Periodo: 20 Oct 2018 - 04 Aug 2019

This exhibition is a great tale about a key year of the twentieth century, returned through a survey inside the CSAC archive, whose first nucleus was born in 1968 and which today, fifty years later, boasts a collection of over 12 million original content in the field of visual communication and Italian artistic and design research since the early decades of the twentieth century.

Through ideas, utopias, works, projects, and objects dated or related to the year 1968, this exhibition shows the evolution of the communication system, the socio-anthropological changes (new myths and new rituals), and a new reflection on the body and on the environment. Different fields of study and languages are thus combined to tackle the contamination and the coexistence of diversified cultures.

The reflection on the body is represented at different scales: from jewels to dresses, from the conception of new places of youth culture to the redefinition of the scene and the reappropriation of the public space. The comparison of multiple systems of symbols and iconographies occurs through posters, clothing projects, gestures’ representations, and photographic reports.

1968. One year exhibition does not want to suggest a univocal look, but a series of contradictions, comparisons and new perspectives, proposing a reflection on time and on the concept of synchrony that a large archive consisting of traces of the processes of conception, planning, and implementation is able to question.

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Location: Abbazia di Valserena. Strada Viazza di Paradigna 1, Parma