Ristorante delle Notarie – Via Aschieri 4 – Reggio Emilia

Ristorante delle Notarie, located in via Aschieri 4 – Reggio Emilia, is one of the most elegant meeting points in town and is opened also to customers not staying in the hotel

Tel. (+39) 0522 453700 Fax (+39) 0522 453737

Mail: ristorante@albergonotarie.it

Day off weekly: Sunday

Opening and closing times:

Lunch: 12:30 am till 2:30 pm

Dinner: 7:30 pm till 10:30 pm

Located inside the refined building hosting the hotel, the restaurant is arranged in three cosy and discreet rooms and is a perfect location to discover and try all the flavours from Reggio cuisine, the tastes of the Mediterranean tradition and a touch of creativity, always with fresh and genuine ingredients.

In our restaurant, you can also try a special “tasting menu”, including new creative dishes, to satisfy also the most curious tastes.

The wine list offers a wide range of national and international wines, our staff’s accurate and friendly service creates a discreet and cosy atmosphere.

Discover our Quick Lunch

On the occasion of the “Mercoledì Rosa” which takes place from June 19th to July 24th, the Ristorante delle Notarie is pleased to inform you that the “Slow Dinner” will be dedicated to the Pink Evenings.

You can visit our new menu a la carte by clicking on the link Menù a la Carte

Come raggiungerci

The nearest parkings are located in Piazzale Fiume and near the Ex Caserma Zucchi. It’s possible to reach the Restaurant after a short walk through the town centre street.

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